Umrah Trip and Experiences

Umrah Trip and Experiences is a leading service provider for Hajj and Umrah that caters individual as well as corporate customers.

We render our travel services in all cities of Saudi Arabia such as Makkah, Madina, Jeddah and Taif for the comfortable pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Allah.

Umrah is one of the top trusted and reliable travel agencies in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia & Jordan. Our company has a wide experience of over 10 years in offering different Hajj and Umrah packages for the pilgrims.

Welcome to Umrah Trip and Experiences.

by Zamzam

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Guide to Umrah Step By Step

If you’re looking for a quick Umrah guide, here are the key rituals of Umrah step by step. The first step is to cleanse one’s self physically. One must perform Ghusl, which is a purification bath for assuming the state of Ihram. If you cannot perform ghusl you can perform wudu or partial ablution. TheContinue reading “Guide to Umrah Step By Step”

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